Residential Gutter & Downspout Cleaning Dallas

The main purpose for rain gutters is not to keep the water off your head when you come out of your front door but is to divert the water away from the foundation of your home. The importance of keeping water away from your foundation in periods of large downfalls of rain cannot be understated. If water pools around the foundation of the home the ground will soften, and the weight of your home will begin to make your home subside (sink). Your house sinking is bad, but that is not the biggest threat; your house will not sink uniformly. One corner of your home will sink before the others, and the entire home is thrown out of alignment. When your home is out of alignment, the walls crack, doors will not shut, and it is very hard to open windows.

Cost Of Poor Gutter Maintenance

The in-direct cost are substantial more and can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. The in-direct cost begins with rotting fascia boards, water streaming down the siding and discoloring your siding or allowing mildew to grow, which will require pressure washing your home. The more costly expensive can range from having to replace rotting siding, framing, wet insulation, and mold abatement. After many years of lack of maintenance, the foundation will begin to crack, and foundation repair will be needed to fix the problem.

Gutter Cleaning Process

The gutter cleaning process is actually quite simple, but it is a fact that it still needs to be done. While being an easy process it does not mean the cleaning of your rain gutter system is not inherently dangerous. Cleaning gutters requires climbing ladders, walking on the roof, and taking the risk of falling. We scoop all the debris, leaves, and dirt and put it in a plastic bag which can be picked up by the waste management company. We then rinse and test the gutters for blockages and leaks.

Unclog Downspouts

After testing the gutters we will know if the downspouts are clogged or not. If we find that water is not being allowed to flow un-restricted through the downspouts and away from you foundation of your home. If we need to clean your downspout, we will snake through the downspouts that are not draining with a garden hose, pressure jet washer, or metal snake to remove all blockages.

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