Cobweb Removal

In Dallas and Fort Worth, it can get quite dry and hot at times. Insects and spiders will most likely take refuge under your eaves, door jams, window seals, and other cool places out of the sun and where there may be an escape from the heat. It is just time before this influx of critters finds their way into your home and starts breeding inside your house also. So to reduce the invasions have Window Wizards remove cobwebs, wasp nest, and other migrant insects, including roaches. Our cobweb removal service is a great way to get rid of the insects and keep you, and your family safe from insect bites and disease.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Dust in the air can quickly accumulate on the leading edges of your fan blades. There is nothing that screams a dirty house than dirty fan blades. The accumulations can get quite heavy to the point that clumps of dust fly off when the fan is engaged. It’s not bad enough that the fan gets dust on it, but most ceiling fans have built in light fixtures. When dust accumulates on the light fixtures it’s not only an eye sore but could also be a fire hazard. Another issue is that the dust is spread with the fan is on throughout the air column and can really cause serious problems for those who may have allergies or asthma.

Chandelier Cleaning

Cleaning highly intricate lighting fixtures can be a challenge. Attention to detail and safety measures need to be implemented to protect the item being cleaned, furniture, drapes, and of course, the person doing the cleaning. It is ideal to clean the chandelier in place. So it is common for Window Wizards to remove all items out of the working area and if needed a scaffold could be erected if needed. We take the safety of your home and our personnel of utmost importance. In addition, we are very detailed in the cleaning of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures such as wall sconces and hanging lighting fixtures.

Scratch Removal

At one time or another we all experience scratched glass, whether it’s something, you did, or something you’ve seen, scratched glass can be an undeniable eyesore. However, that does not mean that it has to be tolerated. We have all seen the guys on the side of the road repairing windshields. Well similar techniques such as buffing, glass fillers, and polishing can get rid of scratches or reduce the magnitude. Contact us if you have some unsightly glass scratches you would like to have removed from your windows.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Indoor and outdoor fans need to be cleaned regularly to maintain a proper appearance and to operate efficiently.

Mirror Cleaning

Window Wizards are the leading professional glass cleaning company in the DFW Metroplex. Our clients from Dallas to Fort Worth have written many testimonials about our quality window and glass cleaning services. Mirrors are glass on one side and on the other side, a reflective surface is applied. So what you are cleaning is virtually a one-sided window. Mirrors do tend to show blemishes on the glass surface more intensely. Not to fear we are the best at cleaning glass surfaces, and we will clean your mirrors to a flawless clean surface.

High Dusting

Dust can accumulate in high and not easily accessed areas. Our professionally trained staff can remove dust and dirt from areas such as exposed rafters, top of shelves, elevated enclaves, ceiling fans and the like. So don’t take the risk of falling trying to dust those high areas have Window Wizards do your dusting for you.

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